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Here is a list of some the classes we tutor for. Click the read more link to see the full list of classes:

  • WDD 100: Intro to Web Design/Development
  • CIT 160: Introduction to Programming
  • CIT 230: Page Layout & Graphics
  • CIT 336: Web Page Development
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  • WDD 100: Intro to Web Design/Development
  • CIT 160: Introduction to Programming
  • CIT 225: Database Design & Development
  • CIT 230: Page Layout & Graphics
  • B250: Web Business Creation
  • CIT 261: Mobile Application Development
  • CS 313: Web Engineering II
  • WDD 331: Advanced CSS
  • CIT 336: Web Page Development
  • CS 371: Human-Computer Interaction


The languages we are fluent in are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and MySQL. We hope to add more to this list.


We usually work in Netbeans with Filezilla as our FTP but we can work in Sublime, Notepad, Notpad++, Brackets, Handcraft, etc. We also know how to work in most content management systems (wordpress, wix, drupal, square space, etc.).


"We strive to be the kind of tutor we wish we had as students."

Learning how to be a web developer is a lot like learning a new language. WebDevTutoring was started with the single goal to help students grow and realize the potential they have in this field. We know what it is like not knowing everything and being expected to keep up. That is why we want to help!
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We all start out feeling like we can do it. Through practice and immersion, you can and will gain confidence in yourself as you gather the skills to further your knowledge on this subject. We help you learn these skills so you can realize the potential you have.


We want you to be excited about learning web development skills. If you aren’t excited about it then you are less likely to want to learn and put the time into it to really progress. We help build excitement by explaining what you need to know in a stress-free environment.


We care about what you take away from our service. We focus on your needs and not just the initial problem. We want to make sure that you understand what we teach so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with information. We try and go at a pace that works best for you.

Self Sufficiency

We aim to help you retain what you learn so that you can remember and learn to do it yourself. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. It is more worthwhile to teach someone to do something than to do it for them."

Meet the Founder

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My name is Melissa Moake. I am 25 years old. I was born and raised in the Provo/Orem area. I attended UVU and graduated with my associates (in University Studies) before graduating from Orem High School. I attended BYU Provo and tried a couple different degrees (CS and IT) but neither one stuck for me. I worked in two different departments there (OIT and Campus Life Web Consulting) as a web programmer/developer and found that I loved my job more than I did my school work....

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How it Works

Typically, once contacted, we will read through your email and get in touch with you to set up a good time to meet. We work through Google Hangouts as it allows you to share your screen so that we can see in real time what you are struggling with.
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How does a Session Work?

We work through Google Hangouts as it allows you to share your screen so that we can see in real time what you are struggling with. You are not required to share your screen but it does make it easier and quicker for us to find the problem if you do. Hangouts also has a way for you to only share part of your screen if you would rather do that. We want you to be comfortable working with us.

By using Google Hangouts, we can only see your screen, not manipulate it. What this does is allows you to be the typer. If we typed and did everything for you, you wouldn't learn. By having you be the typer as we explain things to you, it builds your confidence, helps with self-sufficiency, and hopefully will get you excited as you remember how to do the things we teach.

What happens after we finish a session?

Now you may be wondering, "What happens after? How do I pay?" After we finish a session, you will be asked which payment method you prefer; Google Wallet or Paypal. Google wallet is our preferred payment method but we want you to be comfortable which is why we give two options.

If you choose to use Google Wallet, you will receive an email from google with a request for the amount specified. If you choose Paypal, you will receive an invoice from Paypal. Either way you choose to pay, you don't have to have an account to use them. Anyone with a Gmail account can pay through Google Wallet regardless of whether they have a Wallet account set up and Paypal has a guest pay option so you don't have to have your credentials saved anywhere.

Whether you need help for just an hour of our time or you need continuous help throughout the semester, there is no limit or minimum to the number of times you can request our help. In addition, we prorate if we don't use the whole hour! See our pricing page for rates.


Ready to get started? Contacting us is very simple! You can email us at moakem@webdevtutoring.com or fill out the form after clicking read more below.
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